The Hold Of A Hyperactive Thyroid Gland To The Metabolic Process Of The Body
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The Hold Of A Hyperactive Thyroid Gland To The Metabolic Process Of The Body

what it means to have a hyperactive thyroid glad; explaining its role in weight loss and weight gain

A health condition, Hyperthyroidism is caused by the excessive release of thyroid hormones, specifically the T3 and the T4, from the thyroidal glands. This gland contributes an essential role in the normal process of the body as a whole. A responsibility of the Thyroid hormone is to aid in the overall metabolic process of the body - from how much calories you burn to the amount of calories that will be stuck in our body, within the adipose tissues. Since metabolism is the major function that it affects, Hyperthyroidism can without a doubt hasten the weight loss process of an individual. Hyperthyroidism also alters other functions of the body and such changes manifest themselves by excessive sweating, anxiety, increased bowel movements leading to diarrhea, heat intolerance and the like.

The Root Causes

There are several factors that can predispose a person to Hyperthyroidism, among these, gender, genetics, diet and exercise. Hyperthyroidism also known as Grave’s disease is more common in women, but men should not be too complacent to think that they will not experience this disorder. Though chances of Hyperthyroidism occurring in men are slim, it still lives one chance. Apparently, Hyperthyroidism has also a genetic factor. If you are a female and your mother has Hyperthyroidism, you can be at a greater risk for developing it, too.

Diet also contributes to the development of this disease. Low levels of sodium intake have been found to aid the progression of hyperthyroidism.

Age, too, would also be a factor in Hyperthyroidism. People who belong to the age bracket of 40-60 years old are the good candidates for the said disease.

Hyperthyroidism and your weight.

Weight loss is not an unusual scenario in individuals who have hyperthyroidism. This is because their Basal Metabolic Rate increases with the over-reactivity of the thyroid gland. This would make their body produce heat that would help burn calories even with little activity. The more active the thyroid gland of an individual is the more calories are expected to be burned by the body to meet the demands of the body for energy. Weight loss may seem like a heavenly process for most but for people with this type of disease, it can be a tough job for them to maintain a healthy weight. They have to make certain that the amount that they will consume will equal or supersede the body’s caloric requirement so that they can maintain or increase their weight safely.

Thyroid Hormone therapy for Weight Loss, Good or Bad?

Thyroid hormone can aid in helping you lose those extra kilos. In fact, Hyperthyroidism alone can lead to a faster weight loss than diet alone. However, weight loss stops as the excessive amounts of thyroid hormone are regulated and brought back to its normal levels. In addition, the Hyperthyroidism leads to loss of muscle tone which may not be good at all. If left untreated, this can blow up into an awful health condition that is associated with muscle wasting, Kwashiorkohr.

Majority of the people today worry about how to trim down their weight and show some cuts. But as for who have this kind of disease, it is the least of their worries. What they need to be concerned of is how to cool down, maintain a healthy figure and a healthy weight without compromising their muscle tissues.


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